Friday, December 9, 2011

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Popcorn Night (Celebration #9)

Brief post today! I'm okay, not even too too tired, feeling physically better than I have in like two weeks. I just thought about all the stuff we could do to celebrate and thought: we need something low key.

So the Emperor and I sat down after he got home to snuggle and watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the stop motion film from 1964. Have you seen this like six thousand times? I have. And actually, as a kid, I didn't like it that much. My siblings loved it but I was kinda like "eh". It never held my attention that long. So it was fun to rewatch it as an adult and find that I actually liked the (kind of dumb) humor and thought the movie was really sweet overall. The Emperor seemed to enjoy it too.

We had popcorn night for dinner... with some earth balance, nooch, and special guest, za'atar! Yum!

And, one last piece of good news, and something worth celebrating in its own right: I got the wax paper off of yesterday's caramel! Like I had guessed, the caramel did TOTALLY adhere to the wax paper. The internet did not yield a lot of ideas for how to remove the wax paper-- pretty much everyone seemed to say "well don't use wax paper in the first place, dummy." Not useful! I found one suggestion to use a warmed cookie sheet, but that didn't work for me.

But I was blocking a piece of knitting with an iron, which involves like steaming the piece and holding the iron close but not touching the knit item... and I got the idea to try the same thing with the caramel. And guess what? IT WORKED PERFECTLY. The combination of the heat and the slight amount of water perfectly loosened the wax paper and caused it to slide away from the caramel. My caramel is saved!!! And I think I have enough to send to not one but two friends. Twice as wonderful. I'm so happy!

Who else is happy? This guy:

Now that is a big smile


Anonymous said...

Popcorn and za-atar? You have peaked my interest! Loving the super cheesy smile on the Emperor :)

Lilah J B said...

The Emperor is really cute!

coldandsleepy said...

People always think he looks just like Josh-- and they do look very similar-- but I swear, I can (and do) make that exact face. Crinkly nose and all.

(He's much cuter, though.)