Monday, December 19, 2011

Stockings! (Celebration #19)

You know what is surprisingly difficult guys? Gluing things to felt! What! Don't you have memories of doing this like all the time as a little kid? I do. But I think they must be flawed because I couldn't get half of anything to stick to our felt today. Well, as you will see, we did eventually get SOME sequins to stick to them. But sheesh!

My big problem came in gluing the halves of our felt stockings together. It just did not work. I'm going to have to stitch them by hand I think... okay, well, whatever.

The Emperor had a blast with this craft, I think because he got to boss me extensively. He pulled sequins out, instructed me which ones needed glue, whose stocking they were to go on, and where. You'll notice that he only thought his stocking and Josh's needed "glitter" (his word):

Stockings by Grey

Mine needed "letters" but no glitter. Okay, fair enough...

I'm curious to see how well the sequins do or don't stick once the glue dries. I hope at least some of them will stay on... he really wanted to hang up his stocking tonight with the rest of our holiday crafts but I convinced him to wait til tomorrow when things are dry.

The Emperor had a rough night last night... he fell asleep early but then woke up an hour or two later after a nightmare (we think) and a coughing fit. Poor little guy. He was inconsolable for about half an hour, and then restless the rest of the night. He was obviously suuuuuuper tired tonight and after dinner and our craft, he heard some bedtime stories and then basically passed out. Here he is about to hear his second story:

Weary men


Anonymous said...

Aaaaah, my favorite family. Loving the stockings--so cute but so annoying about the glue. You have more patience than I do. I think I would have been so frustrated that I would have thrown them across the room :) Hoping the little Emperor feels better today!

Amey said...

poor little bubs! nightmares and coughing are bad! And YES, glueing things to felt IS really hard and very unsatisfying indeed. Why didn't mom get any glitter on her stocking?? It makes me want to sneak over and bling up your stocking a little! :)