Friday, December 16, 2011

A work Christmas party (Celebration #16)

Oh man! December is half over!

Today's celebration was just not the most exciting thing ever. My workplace had its Christmas party, which consisted of a potluck and a white elephant swap. As any vegan who works with mostly non-vegans can tell you, work potlucks tend to be pretty sad affairs. I generally try to keep a good attitude about this sort of thing and make sure to bring stuff I like and not feel sorry for myself when no one else brings anything I can eat.

It was a little hard to keep my good attitude today, though, when the potluck tables were set up seriously 2 feet away from my cubicle entrance, and someone plopped a huge cooked ham down on it. For the next half hour before the potluck actually started, people drifted by commenting on how lovely the ham smelled/looked/whatevered and saying things to me like "you have the best spot! look at all this food that is here for you!" Oy vey. It was a little bit trying, to tell you the truth. I was so glad that a) we were actually eating in the conference room, and b) that the party was late enough in the day that I could leave right after and not have to wallow in my ham-reeking cubicle.

But!!!! As non-fun as the potluck part was, the white elephant swap was extremely entertaining. I ended up getting a napkin holder (?) with gingerbread men on it. The Emperor is going to be thrilled. He LOVES gingerbread men.

And I did get a full plate of lunch, even though I provided 75% of it-- hummus, bread, olives, chocolate peppermint biscotti (all me), grapes, grapefruit, and some really fantastic homemade mustard which I put on the bread. Can't complain about that.

The Emperor hasn't been feeling great... well, just at night. We think he may have croup, because he's fine in the day but all night long he is a coughing mess. He and I were up for probably close to 2 hours over the course of last night because of his coughing, which was upsetting for us both... and we're both a little crispy crunchy today... so we had a nice low key night after preschool. No additional celebration for him tonight. (Well, we did sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" 3 times before bed.) He had a little cup of decaf chai and some snuggles and then I sent him to bed, like so:

Blanket boy

That's his own little bed, with my childhood blanket. (No, I don't know why he chews on it, he just does.)

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