Saturday, December 10, 2011

Potato stamp Christmas cards & burritos (Celebration #10)

So I've been trying to balance our celebrations between things that are just laid back and fun (watching movies, making a couple of decorations for inside our house) and ones that are semi-productive (baking, candy making). Today was somewhere sort of in between. We made potato stamps! And stamped Christmas cards with them!

Here are some of the stamps:

More stamps

And our scrap paper/table covering paper:

Potato stamping

Potato stamping is so fun and easy and cool looking once it's done. I can't believe I haven't done it since... middle school? Ish? Definitely going to do it again sooner. The couple of cards I got made look pretty okay too, in a "I made these while a 2 year old 'helped' me" kind of way, heh.

The Emperor actually didn't love this craft-- he thought the potatoes were amazing but he wanted to stamp each potato more or less exactly once and after he'd stamped each one he would demand another. He was annoyed when we ran out of potato designs that he hadn't tried yet. (We had 9 altogether: letters M, E, R, Y, a star, a Christmas tree, a present, an ornament, a candy cane. Not enough to keep him entertained apparently.) Well, bully to him, I liked it.

Speaking of things I like: burritos! Which is what Josh made me for dinner tonight! Behold:

That's a lot of burritos

You can't tell how good they are from looking at them. They were kinda spicy, kinda sweet, very yummy. Would eat again.

The Emperor only really wanted to eat tortillas... I think the insides were too saucy for his liking. He helped make them, though, and did have fun with that. Part of the way through dinner, he folded his tortilla up into quarters and stuck it on his face. I asked him what he was doing and he told me: "I got a bump on my face. I'm putting icepack on." Ha ha, what? Okay guy. Whatever. Here he is with his wheat-based icepack:



GiGi said...

And who ever knew that burritos could be both delicious and a good disguise!

Amey said...

yay! I LOVE potato stamping! it's so oldschool and fun.

Also, I love the little Emperor with his tortilla ice pack. Now it is 9 in the morning and I want a burrito.