Friday, December 2, 2011

Eggplant Ratatouille (Celebration #2)

Hello! Brief post tonight because, as you may notice, I am posting rather late. That's because we just got done celebration #2: Josh's work Christmas party.

The party was at La Maison, a French restaurant in Aptos that is not even a little vegan friendly. Fortunately, the administrative lady at Josh's work is pretty hardcore and called ahead and made sure there'd be something there for me, then dogged the restaurant staff on the issue while we were there.

I ended up with a salad, eggplant ratatouille and sorbet with fruit. It was all pretty much okay. The ratatouille was actually pretty good but pretty insubstantial. Really small portion size, especially compared to the meat entrees. Oh well. Still better than expected.

Pictures tomorrow. Of the Emperor too.


Amey said...

dude, that's so lame. i guess it's nice that they did *something* for you, and it's super nice that the PR lady stood up for you, but really, haven't they ever learned how to cook anything without butter?? And geez, give the pregnant lady some food! Sigh. We'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise!

solipsistnation said...

This place also tried to serve the several vegetarians a salad with cheese (rendering it non-vegan) and a friggin' anchovy on top of it. Seriously, what? Lucky I recognized it, since one of the other two company vegetarians was sitting a little ways down from me and was about to eat it. He was raised Buddhist and has NEVER eaten meat...