Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowflakes! (Celebration #21)

Happy solstice guys! Hey, it's officially winter now!

In keeping with our official change of season, tonight we hung up snowflakes on our living room windows.

Snowflakes in SC

Almost no one is at my work right now-- many people seem to be using vacation days to stay out until January 3rd. (We have four, count them, four paid holidays between then and now so it's not really that many days that people are spending.) No people in the office = no work for me = verrrrrrry very boring days. So it was critical that I find something to occupy my afternoon today. I think the Emperor is a little young to cut out snowflakes himself (he can't use scissors yet!) but figured he'd like helping hang them on the windows.

I printed out a few designs from the internet, then cut the flakes out of old printer test pages. You would not believe how many printer test pages I regularly have stacked on my desk... I make little work notebooks out of them, use them for notes, etc, but boy do they pile up quickly. Nice to have yet another use for them.

The Emperor did like hanging them at first. I think he hung three total (out of maybe 30?). He got really frustrated because he kept trying to stick the side without the tape donut on the window, and he didn't want me to show him how to do it and he wasn't listening to verbal directions. He was actually pretty crabby tonight... we think he skipped his nap at preschool because he was just exhausted and grumpy when he got home. Oh well. He is snugly tucked into bed and the windows got decorated anyway, so it all works out.

Here he is looking deceptively charming during his tooth brushing session:

This is a trick...


CraftyEarthMama said...

Happy winter Solstice! The snowflakes are cute. We didn't do anything to celebrate :(

Tami said...

I make little pads out of my extra print-outs, too. Snowflakes are way prettier!

Anonymous said...

Your snowflakes look magical. I tried making some the other day and they looked like diamonds. Way lame. Yours are way better :)

coldandsleepy said...

Cara, you're not supposed to be comparing yourself... remember? :D

If you look closely, you'll notice that some of them are missing legs (legs? what do you call a limb on a snowflake)... nobody's perfect!