Friday, November 25, 2011

BBQ Tempeh Burger at Grilla Bites (Thankfulness #25)

Well, why not finish out the month with a couple more thankful things? I think I can probably think of six more...

Thing I'm thankful for #25: that I have in-laws who I like and have a good relationship with.

So many people have struggles with their in-laws, enough so that whenever I start a story with "my mother-in-law..." I can see some people visibly cringe/brace themselves for some horror story. I'm fortunate that my in-laws are lovely people, really thoughtful and kind and generous in nature. I look forward to visiting them, even if I weary of 13 hour drives and such.

Speaking of 13 hour drives, we'll be heading home tomorrow. Ugggggh. Already. Not sure what I'll do about posting, but I think I'm going to *try* to do at least a short post at some point.

Tonight we had Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, and since that's not too excited, I'm posting a picture of a meal we had on the way here. We have been stopping in Ashland, OR on our trips up here over the past year so that the Emperor can play in the very excellent park there. Each time we're there, we try to eat somewhere different. This time we stopped at Grilla Bites, which is a sandwich shop (small chain?) that is supposedly really vegan friendly.

Which is sort of true. The only thing I saw on their menu that looked vegan without substitutions was the PB&J in the kid's menu. Some of the other stuff might have been vegan but it's hard to say because it wasn't marked. They did note that they use vegenaise for mayo on everything, and had options for "soy cheese" (vegan? not vegan? menu didn't specify) and veggie burgers (vegan? not vegan? menu didn't specify) and tempeh burgers. I got a BBQ tempeh burger, which looked like this:

BBQ tempeh burger

The tempeh was just a slab of steamed tempeh. Really, I don't think it was cooked at all beyond that. Not bad, just really bland. The rest of the sandwich was good though. The bread was very nice, and you know how I like bread. Overall, not awful, not great, just sorta in the middle.

Here's the Emperor sprawling out this morning in a rare moment of stillness:


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