Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A big bowl of quinoa (Thankfulness #30)

Thing I'm thankful for #30: blankets.

Is there anything better in the world than curling up with a nice soft blanket when it's cold out or you don't feel well or just when you want to be cozy? No, I don't think so.

My favorite blanket of all time recently passed into the possession of the Emperor. Oh yeah, big news, people: he got his own bed just before Thanksgiving and has actually been sleeping in it every night. He's been using this cottony blanket with rainbows on it that I've had since I was a little kid. (It's a full sized blanket though.) Bittersweet moments for me... I'm so enthralled by all his new developments but I am starting to understand why people sometimes feel like OH NOES MY BABY IS GROWING UP.

Speaking of oh noes, I am still feeling super unwell. So tonight for dinner, we had... a big bowl of quinoa. Really. For Josh and myself, I added some Indian eggplant stuff from a pouch that I found in the cabinet. But that's it. The Emperor was totally thrilled, of course. Me? I feel kinda like the worst mom ever but I really can't stand up and cook right now.

Here's the picture of the Emperor from yesterday. I haven't got a good one of him yet today so this will have to do:

Inari eater


Anonymous said...

Worst mom ever? NEVER!!!!!!!!! Best mom ever, is more like it--I mean, the fact that you are sickie poo and *still* made the effort to feed your family is proof! Get better!! xoxo

Richa said...

hope u feel better soon. take care! the emperor is as cute as ever! and yay for his own bed and blankie!