Friday, November 11, 2011

No food/sick kid (Thankfulness #11)

Oogadie boo, people. Oogadie boo. This has been a bit of a week for the Emperor healthwise. He's feeling better from his maybe-pinkeye... but it's a good thing preschool was closed for Veteran's Day today because he's had a stomach ailment all day today. How can you tell he's not feeling well? He asked to come home from the park (instead of having to be dragged away) even though it was raining, his favorite thing. And he hasn't wanted to eat *anything*. Sad to see him in such a state.

But don't worry, he's getting lots of fluids and lots and lots of snuggles. And we had a very nice bubble bath after non-dinner. Which leads to today's...

Thing I'm thankful for #11: bubble baths! And cruelty free bubble bath related products.

Holiday swap 1

Isn't this a sweet package? I'm participating in a winter themed swap on a forum I read and got this little bundle of Lush stuff from the person who is spoiling me. Awwww.

Baths are, in my mind, the ultimate form of relaxation. If I could somehow find the time to relax in one every day, I probably would. When we lived in our last place, we only had a shower, no bath, so I went almost *two years* with no baths. Imagine how delighted I was to move somewhere with a tub! Once I discovered that the Emperor also really liked taking bubble baths, we started taking one together at least twice a week. It gives me an excuse to buy nice bath stuff from time to time... one bubble bar will last us a couple of weeks, which is not bad. We recently got some nice powdered bubble bath that's lasted us almost two months and is still going strong.

What's cool is that you can find all sorts of vegan friendly, non animal tested bath stuff on the internet these days. There's Lush, of course, but also scores and scores of lovely e-tailers who sell through places like etsy and will make whatever your little heart desires. Type "vegan bubble bar" into the search on Etsy and you can waste quite a bit of time trawling through the results, drooling over lovely looking and sounding things. Ah, bath stuff.

Well, I really don't have anything foodwise to talk about. We had takeout for dinner (Engfer's) because we were hoping the Emperor would eat some plain vegan pizza. He was really enthusiastic about it until we actually had it, when he rejected it outright. So since I got home from work at noon, he's had a couple of bites of apple, a plain piece of bread (no crust) and just now he's eaten about half a banana. Even for a little guy, that's just not much. :/ Hoping he's feeling a little better tomorrow.

Here's today's bonus picture, which I snapped during naptime, right before I laid down to get a little rest with him. Doesn't he look peaceful?


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Anonymous said...

Baths. Oh Lordy. Bathtubs are a requirement when looking for a place to live in. Momma gots to have herself a bath every night, even if it's just for 10 minutes. Though I usually don't put bubbles in it (not because I am anti bubbles but because they are either expensive or hard to find--how is that possible?) you are convincing me to find a swap buddy and tell them to shower me (no pun intended) with bubbles. HA. Here's to the Emperor feeling better today! xox