Monday, November 21, 2011

Potpie leftover noodle surprise (Thankfulness #21)

Thing I'm thankful for #21: the amount of stability in my life at this point.

This time of year often makes me reflect on this, as I spend a lot of time thinking about my family. I grew up in a very unstable environment with people who, while wonderful on many levels, were not what you would call reliable or predictable. Sometimes I look at my life now and I think, how pleasantly dull this all is!

Speaking of pleasantly dull, here's tonight's dinner:

Potpie noodles

It's some of the leftovers from last night (the part that was in the pie shell, and the remains of the pie shell) mixed up with some whole wheat noodles and Trader Joe's chicken-less strips. Not fancy, but it took about 15 (almost entirely inactive) minutes to make and it was actually quite tasty. The Emperor got plain noodles and chickie strips and was delighted. He ate a huge bowl of noodles with seriously nothing on them. He was so disappointed when he finished them and there were no more plain noodles to be had.

We're leaving for Oregon tomorrow and I'm really not sure if I'll do a blog post or not. We plan to overnight in Red Bluff, CA but probably won't get to the hotel until like 10 p.m. or not. I'm dismayed by the thought of missing a post (I've been going for 51 days straight now!) but we'll see.

Here is the Emperor helping me pack. Helping me pack the Emperor, that is.

Packing for Oregon

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Anonymous said...

And you said you weren't sure you were going to post in November and look at you... Contemplating one for tonight because you don't wanna miss one. *single tear on my cheek* I'm so proud of you.

I really understand what you are saying about stability. Well, mine is a bit out of whack right now but in comparison to the past, it does feel a bit boring, doesn't it?? haha. I so get that. But I wouldn't want it any different, as I am sure you feel the same way! :)

Safe travels, my friend! Enjoy every last bit of your time up in Oregon. xo