Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A brief discussion of road food (Thankfulness #22)

Okay, here is my compromise! Since I am not expecting us to hit the hotel until ~10 p.m. tonight and I just can't commit to writing a blog post that late (10 p.m. people... I am usually asleep by 9, and often by 8:30!), I am writing you one on my break at work instead. The downside of this is that there's no dinner picture (it's not dinner time yet) and no Emperor picture from today (I haven't seen him awake today yet) but work with me people!

Thing I am thankful for #22: ZANTAC.

Zantac? Zantac. Anti-heartburn medication. I know I have complained about it a little here already, but I have had heartburn more or less non-stop for 3 or 4 days now and maybe 50% of the days in the two or three weeks before that. It's just getting to the point where newbaby is so big that he's crushing my stomach all the time, so if I eat (or drink, even water) just a tiny bit too much (which is to say, still 50% less than I would need to eat to feel full), I have a first class ticket booked on the acid express.

With the Emperor, I had heartburn/reflux for almost all of my pregnancy and didn't really think to do anything but take tums and papaya extract for it. This time I asked around for recommendations and kept getting told zantac by other pregnant ladies. And guess what? It's working for me! Yaaaaay!

Let's talk car food a little bit. One of the things that I actually really like about long road trips is picking out snack food to take in the car. Even before I went vegan, I didn't do fast food... so as long as I've been doing road trips, I've been picking out and packing yummies. I did a post last year solely devoted to the food we took in the car on the way to Thanksgiving in Oregon.

Josh always insists on a large quantity of Red Vines. I usually like to have some sort of genuine people food with us like sandwiches... last Thanksgiving we made vegan pigs in blankets and brought them. The Emperor is somewhere in between. He'll happily nosh on fruit in the car but he also loves to eat these baked snap pea crackers (which are soooooo messy) and basically any other snack you offer him. It's like the car magically makes all food appealing to him. Maybe we need to start having dinner in the car...

I'm not sure what we'll take as car snack this time. Josh is in charge of acquiring things because I have to go straight from work to a doctor's appointment, which we're (fingers crossed) hoping to leave right after. It doesn't look like it'll be quite the feast we had last year but I trust he'll pick something good.

Speaking of last year, here's a picture of the Emperor and me on our way to Oregon! There was SNOW! Jeez I hope there's not snow this time. I am so not prepared for that.

Grey & his mother


Jake and Alana said...

Zantac 150 is the best thing ever. I think I would be the most miserable pregnant lady ever if it wasn't for Zantac!

Have a great trip! (too bad you have to work today too....)

Amey said...

Oh C&S! I hope you have such a great trip! I'll miss you, just knowing you are away! Let's have another Delmarette date when you get back. I totally love packing car snacks, and I always like real food. I love having grapes in the car, and baby carrots and hummus... But Musty doesn't like to buy *anything* ahead of time. He likes to stop at gas stations and buy crap along the way. Clearly, he is not a vegan.

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture!

I like hummus & veggies for snacks. If I don't have time to pack something ahead of time I try to find a Subway or some such place on the route.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!! Hope you have a beautiful trip with you family and Zantac :) hehe xo, Cara