Sunday, November 27, 2011

Noodles'n'tofu (Thankfulness #27)

Guys, I am just not feeling very thankful today. I'm crabby. I don't want to go back to work. I don't feel good. I didn't have a restful vacation and blah and blah and blah.

Maybe it's days like this when it's most important to reflect on what's good in one's life. Grumble.

Thing I'm thankful for #27: that I have a home to come home to, both physically and mentally.

We live in an awesome house right now. It's the first place we've lived in a long time (maybe ever?) that I didn't dread coming back to after being away. There are no animals living in the walls, no stompy neighbors upstairs keeping us awake at all hours, no mystery mold, no motorcycles on adjacent highways, etc, etc. I really like it here. I hope it stays good.

Here's tonight's dinner, courtesy of Josh. Noodles and tofu and misc vegetables he found in the freezer. Pretty tasty.

Josh's noodles and such

The Emperor helped him cook it. It was quite entertaining to listen to their banter from the living room. At one point the Emperor declared that the yellow noodles were his FAVORITE and kept going on that vein for some time. He also learned the word "marinade" today and used it quite extensively. There was a tense moment when Josh accidentally called the marinade a sauce but we seem to have sailed through that... the Emperor went on to eat big pile of tofu and noodles, despite them being covered in marinade and vegetables.

We stopped at this weird strip mall megaplex thing on the way home that has a cool outdoor kid area with a train and a carousel. The Emperor ran around like a little crazy person. I think his very favorite thing was this wall with a bunch of doors and windows in it for taking photographs. It's been his favorite thing when we've been here in the past too. Here he is peeking out of the bunny window:

Bunny boy


Amey said...

oh bud, I'm sorry you're having a crap night. How sweet that Josh and the Emperor made dinner, and you got to rest. It's so true that the grumpy days are the days when it's hardest - and the most important- to be grateful for something. I hope you wake up with a bit more energy for the week ahead. :) hugs!

Lilah J B said...

Your grateful posts put me in a very good mood! Very funny!