Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tofu Fun Nuggets & Salad (Thankfulness #3)

Hey look! It's three days after MoFo and I'm still blogging! Don't get too used to it guys, I could get distracted by anything at any minute. It could happen in the middle of this post!

(Actually, I just got up and went in the other room for like five minutes because I was helping the Emperor with something. I coud have totally forgotten I was writing this in that time but luckily the open laptop sitting on my chair gave me a hint! Annnnyway...)

Thing I'm thankful for #3: rain!

Rain pumpkin

(This is my jack-o-lantern, by the way!)

We had a brief series of rain showers earlier. It's supposed to pick up again tonight and maybe turn into thunderstorms (something I've only seen 3-4 times since I moved to California) but we'll see. Whether or not it rains again today/tomorrow, I'm still happy for a change in the weather. I've always rather liked rain, and even though I'm getting older and I can feel exactly where I've broken several of my toes over the years (the only bones I've ever broken) when it rains, I still love the stuff. The sound of it, the smell of it, the way it makes the pretty flowers grow. Rain is a good thing.

Oh, and I like rainy day food. Soup and casseroles and stuff like that. I thought about making something like that for dinner tonight, but I got kind of summery ingredients at the farmer's market this week, and I had already been thinking of another recipe I wanted to try out, the Tofu Fun Nuggets from Peas and Thank You.

Tofu Fun Nuggets & salad with balsamic

And a big salad to go with it, with the last of my cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market. Oh, it makes me sad to say that... the last of my tomatoes. I should have bought two baskets. They were actually not super expensive this week ($2.50 I think) but no one in the house likes them but me, so I settled on one. Alas.

The nuggets were really good. And very simple to make. Would do again. I didn't have any hummus on hand so I just used some thinned out tahini instead. The salad was great... I put in some cauliflower and zucchini and the tomatoes, and then dressed it with the basic balsamic out of Appetite for Reduction. I'm not a big salad person and so it's always nice when I'm in the mood for it, make it, AND actually enjoy it.

The Emperor loved the nuggets. He ate, get this, EIGHT of them. That's a quarter of the recipe. He ate almost as many nuggets as I did. All while singing a song about tofu. Oh jeez, have I told you about his big thing this week? He sings while he eats. Like while he's chewing. It's maddening... hilarious and yet so weird and kind of gross. I guess that sums up a lot of things about him.

I thought for something fun and slightly different than the daily picture, I would post a little video of him. Here he is "reading" me a book after making me read him eight million other books:


Anonymous said...

Will you adopt me??? :)
I'm thankful for: Nikki *still* blogging!!!! Please don't stop makes me so happy. And if I'm happy, that is all that matters, right? ha

coldandsleepy said...

Will you make me cute things to eat? If so, you're in!

Alternately, I'm also accepting applications to join my family from anyone who knows how to load a dishwasher other than me.