Saturday, November 12, 2011

Citrus spice muffins (Thankfulness #12)

Thing I'm thankful for #12: that little kids recover quickly from illness.

On the upside: the Emperor has made a full recovery and seems to be more or less totally fine today. I'm so happy/relieved about this... it's so sad when he's sick. He is such a vivacious little person normally, and when he's sick he just becomes so limp and miserable. Poor guy. He recovers fast, though.

On the downside: sometime in the early afternoon, after having felt totally fine this morning, I suddenly began experiencing dramatic gastric woes. Aha. The Emperor must have passed the curse on to me. So, no real dinner for me tonight (more on that momentarily, so here's what I made for breakfast instead. I wanted to make something that would be fairly gentle on the Emperor's stomach and after trying to sell him on pancakes for some time (usually one of his favorite foods, but apparently an abhorrent thought today), we made these together instead:

Citrus spice muffins

My iPhone really didn't want to focus on these muffins. Really annoying. This is the best shot I got.

These are based on the lemon-poppy seed muffins out of Vegan Brunch made with a combination of lemon & orange, without poppy seeds (wasn't sure if Emperor would eat them, was feeling anxious after him not eating anything of consequence yesterday), but with cinnamon (he was helping and insisted we add some) and some extra orange extract added. Very tasty but I slightly overbaked them... they came out a little too crispy.

The Emperor liked them, but only ate about half of one over the course of two or three hours. He took it slow this morning.

What he really liked was dinner tonight. Somehow this didn't go into the laziest dinners week here, but it really should have. Tonight was popcorn night! Where we just eat popcorn for dinner. I used to think this was crazy when I first met Josh, but apparently his family did it every week when he was growing up and he and his brother aren't malnourished or anything. And, well, it is very easy and everyone pretty much loves it. We got an air popper a few years ago and have never looked back.

Here's the Emperor enjoying his:

Eating popcorn


Richa said...

hope u 2 feel better soon. some days i want those light nights too... but never thought of popcorn!. we end up making those "light" dessert only nights.. get a sugar high.. play games and then go off to sleep..doesnt sit well with our pom. coz he doesnt go to sleep without some his games of fetch .. for like an hour. we need the automatic ball thrower..:)

Amey said...

so sweet. What do you put on your popcorn? I love popcorn. Poor little guy, so sick he didn't even want pancakes!

GiGi said...

We have popcorn with nooch a lot for dinner. We have a whirly popper. It's great. So glad the little emperor is feeling better. Hope you get better soon.

coldandsleepy said...

Richa, I like the idea of dessert for dinner!

I like nooch + sriracha, Josh likes a ton of Earth Balance + nooch + garlic salt, and we haven't found anything yet that the Emperor doesn't like. Popcorn is one thing he is not yet choosy about.

I'm feeling much recovered today, so thanks everyone for the thoughts!