Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sorrel pesto and snap peas, again (Thankfulness #2)

Okay guys, brief post today because I'm feeling a bit worn out. Long day at work + trip the farmer's market + busy evening of playing with the Emperor (who was at one point demanding that I spin him around in the air while tickling him... you tell me why I don't have massive guns yet?) = me very tired. Which segues into:

Thing I'm thankful for #2: living somewhere where produce is cheap, plentiful, and excellent.

Here is my farmer's market haul from today, in two parts:

Farmer's market 11/2/11 pt 1

Farmer's market 11/2/11 pt 2

All I'm saying is: I'm insanely lucky to live somewhere where it's easy and honestly extremely cost effective (if you eat seasonally/don't splurge too much on treat produce) to eat locally grown food. And I know it.

And look what I found today! That fruit that eluded me during MoFo:

A quince!

A quince!

Isn't that the most adorably ugly fruit you've ever seen? I just want to hug it. Actually, I did hug it, while getting money out of my pocket to pay... and found that it left quince dander all over my shirt. Nice. Teach me to hug fruits.

I wanted something quick for dinner that involved minimal cooking, and I've been thinking about/longing for that sorrel pesto we had during MoFo. (This one.) So I made it again. This time it's even prettier! And just as delicious. Definitely make it with tomatoes unless you're a tomato hater... they really make it pop for me.

Pesto & peas again

The Emperor had a big serving of plain brown rice noodles and a couple of snap peas. He got mad when he finished his plain noodles and asked for more and I explained that the only remaining ones had sauce on them. We need to find a new word to use other than "sauce"-- anything called sauce is his mortal enemy. Weird.

Here he is fresh out of preschool, running around in our driveway with Funny Baby and his water bottle:

Always on the go


Sal said...

pretty - the tomatoes make it look all fancy! :)

Veganosaurus said...

That sorrel pesto looks yummilicious!

Your farmers market haul looks fantastic!! You definitely have something to be grateful for there.

And as always, The Emperor looks super adorable. :) Can't wait to see pics of him playing with the new baby.

Anonymous said...

I love how you wanted to hug a fruit! One time, I brought in a carrot from the farmers market that literally looked like a foot and got incessantly made fun of by the women at my work. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. In fact, I loved it! So it is always comforting to know there are others out there like me :) Cute-ivores unite. Oh, and just reading about you spinning the Emperor, *while* tickling him, *while* you are pregnant made ME tired...

coldandsleepy said...

Ha ha ha... you can ask Josh about this: once, several years ago, I was served something otherwise totally unspectacular with this adorable bird made out of a carrot as the garnish.

I totally took carrot bird home with me.

And then I didn't know what to do with it so I kept it in the freezer for about six months until it shriveled into a tiny little former carrot bird and I finally accepted it was time to let go.

So I totally get taking a foot shaped carrot in to work! Those ladies just don't understand.

Amey said...

oooh, I saw those quince and they are just amazing. So beautiful. It took great restraint not to buy some. Do you have "Local Flavors"? There are some great quince recipes in there.