Saturday, November 26, 2011

Martolli's Pizza in Ashland, OR (Thankfulness #26)

Okay, I am writing this on my phone in the car, so please excuse typos or weird formatting. We're still a ways out from Red Bluff, our stopover town, so I'm writing now so I don't wuss out later.

Thing I'm thankful for #26: that the Emperor is a good car traveler.

One thing I was dreading about parenthood/having kids was not being able to travel as much. I love traveling-- pretty much anywhere, for any reason. Finances and limited free time mean that most of my travel has traditionally been by car (and before that, by bus) and fortunately, the Emperor is great with car travel.

We stopped in Ashland in time for a quick stop at the park and then dinner at Martolli's pizza. Excellent pizza with vegan options. I wish their menu was explicit about whether or not the soy cheese is vegan. I wanted to ask but it was super busy so I just ordered and hoped... I don't think it was dairy-y but not sure. Couldn't quite recognize the brand-- reminded me of Teese maybe?

Anyway, if you'd rather not take the risk, they're also happy to make totally cheeseless pizzas. Always nice to see that option on the menu.

The Emperor ate about a slice of pizza. He made me pick off thr kalamata olives, which he generally loves. Just not on pizza?! After dinner, he asked me, "what flavor was that pizza?" and I told him it was plain with garlic and he told me "I *love* garlic!" You and me both guy.

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