Monday, November 28, 2011

Tofurky & kabocha squash (Thankfulness #28)

Thing I'm thankful for #28: people who read and abide by signs. Particularly cyclists and automobile drivers.

There's a pedestrian bridge that I cross on my way home from work every day. It is a REALLY narrow fit-- you would be hard pressed to get two adults to pass each other shoulder to shoulder. Usually people have to turn sideways and such. There is a BIG sign posted on either end of the bridge asking cyclists to walk their bikes.

Almost no one walks their bikes across it. It drives me crazy. I have lost count of the number of times that people who couldn't be bothered to walk their bikes for 90 seconds have bumped into me with their bikes. It is bad for my soul. It makes me crabby.

So when I have a day where I actually see someone else with a bike walking theirs across this bridge, it brightens my day. Ditto for people who read and abide by signs saying to share the road with cyclists in areas where there is no bike lane. And likewise for people who read and abide by the no parking in the bike lane signs that are on part of my route (and where there is almost always a car parked). Ayup.

I asked Josh to stop at the store today and see if Tofurkeys were half off. They usually are right after Thanksgiving. I wanted to try cooking one in the crockpot per a suggestion on the PPK.

He came home with six of them.

We had Tofurkey #1 for dinner tonight, with some kabocha squash:

Tofurky & kabocha

The Emperor wouldn't try the Tofurky at Thanksgiving or the day after. But today? He was all about it. He ate two big slices. He also tried the kabocha squash but after thoughtfully eating one cube of it, told me that it was not yummy and that he did not want anymore. Alas. I'm happy that he tried.

I think I've taken more or less exactly this picture of him before:

Not buying something


Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy to be back and reading about you, Josh and the Emperor :) Aaaaaahhhhh, back home! I am so with you on this one, Nikki. People who are inconsiderate irk me like no other. But then when someone holds the door open for me (instead of letting it close on my face), it makes my day. Yay for redeeming human beings :) And yay for SIX Tofurkey! haha

Amey said...

i saw josh's tofurkey score on the PPK and I am a little jealous. I looked at Staff today and they were $10, which didn't seem like such a great deal. Poo. Also, yay for kabocha!