Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orange-persimmon salad & red rice (Thankfulness #19)

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes etc yesterday... today was a MUCH better day on every level. Basically any day that I'm at home with my family is going to be a good day, and today was really nice. In part because I got the most incredible, most thoughtful package of presents I think I've ever gotten from *anyone*, which leads right into:

Thing I'm thankful for #19: how incredibly thoughtful, caring, and generous totally random strangers can be.

SW 3

Now I don't even know how to start to explain this package to anyone who isn't familiar with the Switch Witch secret Santa-esque swaps on the BPAL forums. (If that means nothing to you, don't worry, just roll with it.) But let me put it this way: someone who got randomly paired up with me spent like two months straight paying attention to all the dumb stuff I say online and figuring out what my interests etc are, and then used that information to put together a package of things that she knew would delight me. EVERY thing in this package was so incredibly tailored to my tastes that I teared up a little opening it because sheesh, how incredibly sweet and nice and wonderful. I am so, so, so touched by this.

I hope the package that I sent out made my recipient (yet another person) feel half as good as this one made me feel.

On the food front: we actually ate something really tasty and not totally boring for dinner tonight. I saw this recipe for Persimmon & Orange Salad in the New York Times earlier this week and really wanted to try it even though I usually don't really find the idea of savory things and sweet things together appealing. I made about a 3/4 recipe and served it on top of Bhutanese red rice (another random grain from my random grain cabinet) cooked in a bit of veggie broth. It made enough that Josh and I could have good sized portions with a small amount leftover... I really don't think a full recipe would serve 8-10 but perhaps as a (smallish) side.

Orange-persimmon salad 2

Salad before dishing out.

Orange-persimmon salad

Salad with dressing & rice.

It was actually really quite tasty... the dressing made the flavors pop and helped it not feel overwhelmingly sweet. I loved the pairing of the persimmon and the orange. Persimmon is one of my favorite west coast fruit discoveries but I skipped them last year (can't remember why) and was so happy to be reunited. The only thing I felt like the salad was missing was like nuts or something. Maybe toasted walnuts? Maybe next time.

The Emperor ate some orange slices and a couple of bites of rice but honestly, he was still full from GORGING himself on pumpkin flax cookies that were in that awesome package earlier in the day. Really-- I got 2 cookies out of I'm not sure how many. (8? 10?) They were so good, but he was enjoying them SO much that I ceded some of my cookie rights to him. The things we do for love, people... I guess I felt a little generous myself this afternoon.

Here he is post-cookies. I should have taken a video because he was saying "THANK YOU FOR COOKIES, FRIEND!" over and over.

Thanks for the cookies!


Amey said...

Oh my gosh, I've just caught up on all your recent posts! "Thank you for cookies, friend" is the *sweetest* thing ever. How adorable. Aren't swap packages from Internet friends the best!? It's amazing how much we really do learn about each other online. :) Also, that dinner looks great. We saw josh at the market and he and I had both bought watercress... and we were discussing that joyful coincidence. I knew I'd see it show up on your blog soon enough!

Nada said...

I've never had persimmons before but that salad sounds lovely!