Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! (Thankfulness #24)

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone out there reading this got to do or eat *something* enjoyable today. I did, and while my day was not without stress, there were plenty of good points...

Thing I'm thankful for #24: The Emperor.

Awww. I don't know, what else do I have to say about this? This guy lights up my days, even while simultaneously driving me mad. After his nap today, he was snuggling with me and he leaned in and pressed his face to mine and said, "Mommy, I really love you." Then he tried to stick his fingers in my mouth or something. Still, it was so sweet.

We had a pretty good plate of dinner:

Thanksgiving plate

Tofurky roast, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts with pecans (mmmm), mashed potatoes (I didn't end up eating mine), apple-thyme rolls, wild rice stuffing, cranberry ginger chutney. There was fruit salad too but I had no room for it at all.

My sister-in-law made an excellent vegan pumpkin pie (the Voluptuous Vegan recipe) which was almost my thankful thing for today because damn that was some good pie. They also brought Soyatoo with them-- so the Emperor has now had whipped cream for the first time. I think it blew his little mind.

Oh, that and the cranberry chutney. He ate fruit salad, rolls, and cranberry chutney and nothing else from dinner... but he enjoyed those three things enough to make up for the rest of it. He was particularly impressed with the cranberries and really pounded them. Here he is eating his last bite of fruit salad, with some cranberry dregs still on his face:

Meal defeated

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Kristen said...

I had soyatoo's whipped cream for the first time today too! :) Your plate looks delicious - especially the brussels sprouts. Yum!