Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GF Pumpkin pancakes and seitan breakfast sausages (Thankfulness #8)

Oh internet... what a day. My workday could be best described as "unrelenting." I came home exhausted from that and set to some leisurely cooking. About 30 minutes into that, I suddenly hear Josh's car in the driveway... turns out he was called to pick the Emperor up at preschool on account of the Emperor having a goopy eye/suspected pinkeye. Doh. So we got him a doctor's appointment this evening at 7p.m. (read: nearly bedtime!) and took him in and had the diagnosis confirmed and got him some eye drops and stopped to get his prescription filled and now we've just gotten home and he's in bed singing to himself and AAAAAH ITS NINE PM WHY AM I AWAKE!!


Thing I'm thankful for #8: I have affordable health insurance. Which means that when my kid brings home the plague from preschool, I can take him to the doctor promptly.


I actually probably wouldn't have taken him in for this if not for the preschool's policy-- you either need to receive treatment for pinkeye or bring in a note from the doctor saying you don't have it. Either way, he needed to go to the doctor before going back to school.

On to dinner: and you will laugh because this is sort of a paradoxical pairing: gluten-free pumpkin pancakes and seitan breakfast sausages!

GF pumpkin pancakes & seitan sausage patties

Both based on recipes in Vegan Diner. The pumpkin pancakes are the pumpkin spice pancakes from the same with a GF baking mix (quinoa flour, white rice flour, almond meal, tapioca flour, flax seeds) subbed in for the wheat flour. The sausages are the breakfast sausages with some fresh herbs (sage, parsley) in instead of dried because that's what I had on hand.

Both very good. I thought this was a good place for the quinoa flour... the heavy spicing and pumpkin flavor in the pancakes hid a lot of the quinoa bitterness. Would definitely make again. The sausages were nice too but not a smash hit with me. I liked the flavor a lot but not the texture so much. Sometimes I really love steamed seitan and sometimes it squicks me out and this was leaning towards a squick.

The Emperor loooooved his pumpkin pancakes. He ate 2 (out of 8) and probably would have eaten more if there'd been more. He wouldn't touch his sausage though he pretended like he was going to and made me cut it up into pieces for him. Then he picked up each piece, showed it to me, and assigned it a size. "Look, mommy! This is a BIG sausage! Mommy look, a little sausage! This piece is TINY!" and on and on. He is a little nut. But I like him.

Waiting room


Jake and Alana said...

I'm going to need to fix that hat! It's looking a little sad. Bring it tomorrow to lunch if you can. Also, he does not look unhappy at the doctor's office, how nice for you and the staff! Hope he gets better soon.

coldandsleepy said...

He LOVES the doctor's office. Seriously, every time we drive past it he begs to go. He was so excited last night after we left... "I go doctor's office! I got flu shot! I got bandaid! I got medicine in my eyeball! Medicine in my eyeball!!" over and over and over again.

And I'll bring the hat if I can get it away from him... he looooves that too. As does basically everyone we've encountered while he's been wearing it. Your work has been appreciated!! :D

Anonymous said...

You and Josh have created *the* most amazing creation I have ever seen. I am in love with your little man. When I see his picture I cannot help but smile and giggle. Adopt me please!!

coldandsleepy said...

It's good that you specified because at first I was like, jeez Cara, they're just pancakes!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Well, those pancakes were pretty amazing too, Nikki, but can pancakes wear that adorable hat??? I think not :)

Richa said...

i just won vegan diner in a giveaway! yay.. i cant wait to try the pancakes and grilled smoky cheez sandwich! i love love your theme this month again! and the emperor looks as cute as can be,,
that misinterpretation of Cara's comment is hilarious.. :)