Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tofu & bok choy udon bowl (Thankfulness #23)

We made it to Oregon, finally, after way way way too long in the car. I'm about falling over tired so let's get right to it:

Thing I'm thankful for #23: copious rest stops along the interstate between California and Oregon.

Self-explanatory people.

Look at this great dinner that was waiting for us:

Bok Choy tofu bowl

Baked tofu and bok choy in a ginger-garlicky broth with nice fat udon. Yummmmm. There were also rice crackers and apple slices.

The Emperor ate a ton of tofu and rice crackers and apple but would not touch the noodles. I think he had just stuffed himself by the time he found them in his bowl.

Here he is at the beginning of dinner. You can tell he is VERY intent on eating this meal:

Serious supper

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